Basic Mediation Training Program leading to Accreditation

(min duration 80h)

by AKKED-Prometheus in Cooperation with ADR Center and Greek Mediation Institute


Athens Centre for Training and Education for Mediators (A.K.K.E.D.) – “PROMETHEUS” conducts  Basic Mediation Training program of a total duration of  80 hours of training ) according to provisions of Law.4512/2018.


Training is conducted in Greek, still during the training students have the opportunity to meet foreign trainers  a highly experienced mediators who may join the course along with the Greek instructors.

Training Provider – Trainers.

Training is provided by the international body ADR Center- Member of JAMS International the largest provider of education and mediation services in Europe as part of an exclusive cooperation of AKKED “Prometheus”, and is led by Greek trainers (lead trainers) Ms Elena Koltsaki and Ms Nana Papadogeorgaki, founding members of the Greek Mediation Institute GMI, lawyers, mediators and trainers accredited mediators from Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights and foreign operators, with huge training experience in Greece and in academic institutions and organizations around the world.

ADR Center is based in Rome, Italy and is now the biggest mediation provider company in Europe in the field of civil and commercial affairs. It is a member of the JAMS International, the leading International Organization for Mediation (USA) and the largest ADR services provider (ADR Provider) in the world.

ADR Center ( manages annually in Italy thousands of domestic and international mediation cases, being one of the few centers in Europe to have this kind of experience. It has trained and certified hundreds of mediators in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, many of them on behalf of international organizations such as the World Bank, the European Commission and other world known institutions. ADR Center is working closely with governments of EU member states and other countries on a legislative level in order to introduce and increase the number of cases resolved through mediation. ADR Center, co founded by Professor Giuseppe De Palo and Leonardo D’ Urso, features a panel of internationally recognized trainers in mediation, including professors from prominent academic institutions and specialized professional mediators.

Training Program Highlights

The new training program provided by ADR Center with Elena Koltsaki and Nana Papadogeorgaki incorporates the most widespread and effective experiential models and theoretical training, smart mediation techniques and a mix of international instructors who teach in famous institutions of the world and simultaneously handle hundreds of mediation cases a year, creating, thus, one of the more complete and successful international training programs. Furthermore, in practical experience, selected intermediaries will have the opportunity to participate in real mediations (observations), in cities of Europe and America, as observers.

Who can participate

Training is open to both lawyers and non-lawyers.

In accordance with the provisions of the law the number of trainees participating in each course of basic mediation training cannot exceed the number of eighteen (21).


Participants who attend the Program of Basic Mediation Training (80 hours of training plus preparation time and exams) and successfully pass the written and oral assessment at the end of the program (extra day evaluation) will receive an Internationally Recognized Certificate of a trained Mediator by ADR Center – Member of JAMS International and Title Ombudsman trained by AKKED “PROMETHEUS”. Then the trainees mediators are eligible participate in the exams as set out in  n. 4512/2018, in order to become accredited by the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights.

Brief training description

  1. A) On line preparation before training commences with a proposed selected bibliography (Pre Course Reading)
  2. B) 100% participation during the training dats (9.00-19.00 daily ) (Basic Course)
  3. C) On line training with more reading, exercises and videos.
  4. D) Training completed upon Examination – Assessment, which consists of written and oral tests and is fully adapted to the requirements of the Greek Law and meets the requirements of the international certification of ADR Center.Continuous additional training proposed selected bibliography (After Course Reading)

The presence of delegates throughout all the training days and their participation in the oral and written assessment is mandatory for completing the basic mediator training. In case of non-completion of the training or of not successfully completion of the oral and written assessment, fees paid are not refundable.

Any unsuccessful candidates have the potential of new written and oral evaluation at the next training course to be determined by the AKKED “Prometheus”.

Completion of prospective mediators of these tests successfully, a prerequisite for the subsequent participation in intermediaries accreditation exam the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights.


Tuition fees amount to 1650 Euros.


Elena Koltsaki and Nana Papadogeorgaki, two of the most recognized trainers in mediation, both in Greece and globally, will head the project as the lead trainers. They are founding members of the Greek Mediation Institute ( – Lawyers, Mediators and mediators’ trainers accredited by the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, with further training in major international institutions and training organizations, certified and accredited by internationally foreign institutions, with world recognition and presence in international conferences and competitions and long teaching experience in Greece and abroad.