A.K.K.E.D. “Prometheus”

A.K.K.E.D. “Prometheus” is a non-profit organisation set up by the Athens Bar Association (DSA) and the Industrial Chamber of Athens (V.E.A.). It is published in the Athens Court No. 6094 / 04.09.2012 and was licensed by the Ministry of Justice Transparency and Human Rights under the Law 3898/2010. Its headquarters are in Athens (18th Feidiou Str, 4th floor) and features the most modern educational infrastructure.

A.K.K.E.D. “Prometheus” provides basic education programs to prospective Mediators as provided in Presidential Decree 123/2011 and advanced training to accredited mediators. It also organizes training seminars for all professionals, trained mediators and lawyers.

On Monday, August 24th, 2015, the largest international cooperation in the field of mediation in Greece was announced and launched, with the strategic alliance between the Athens Training Centre for Mediators AKKED “Prometheus” and ADR Center – member of the JAMS International, with Elena Koltsaki and Nana Papadogeorgaki as lead trainers, for the provision of excellent training, further training and qualification of mediators and provision of high expertise from the largest Mediation Centre across Europe.

With this strategic cooperation, AKKED “Prometheus” is now listed on top of the Institutions providing Training for Mediators, enjoys wide international recognition, and provides to all trainees prestigious certification titles, with value and international recognition by academic institutions, corporations, institutions and organizations related to mediation.

The new training program incorporates the most widespread and effective practical and theoretical training models, smart mediation techniques and an unprecedented combination of trainers, sought-after over the world, who are not only teaching at some of the most prestigious institutions globally, but also mediate hundreds of cases every year, creating, thus, one of the most complete and successful international training programs. Furthermore, with a view of acquiring practical experience, selected trained mediators will have the unique opportunity to shadow  – in major cities of the United States and Europe– professional mediators working on real cases.participate in real mediation cases (observations), in cities across Europe and USA, observing professional mediators in action.