Advantages of Mediation.

Benefits for the parties

The main advantages are the speed of resolving cases, lower costs, confidentiality and restoration or even strengthening of the relationship of the parties.

Benefits for the lawyer and mediator

Anyone interested to be trained and accredited as Mediator as referred to in Law 4512/2018, will acquire an additional very important professional title.

Mediation is a new field of activity, which is relatively new but rapidly developing in Greece. Many discussions have already started to initiate changes in current laws and include mediation as an optional step between banks and debtors before the filing of the application before the competent courts.

The Mediator’s fee is paid in advance. Lawyers – legal counsels can freely negotiate their remuneration and agree to their advance payment too, if they so wish. They should be able to help their clients understand the specific features of the new process and use it efficiently. By assisting their clients in a mediation process and by helping them reach a satisfying solution, one that meets their real interests and needs, they offer their clients quality services and they increase their reputation.

Benefits for justice

Decongestion of the caselog, acceleration of judicial proceedings and savings for the State are only some of the benefits for Justice, the State and the taxpayers of the many resulting from the application of mediation.