ODR for All: Digital Accessibility and Disability Accommodations in Online Dispute Resolution

by David Larson, Lainey Feingold

I  Introduction 

Digital accessibility is about making sure people with disabilities can use and interact with technology. Digital accessibility ensures participation of people who use computers and mobile devices but cannot see a screen, hear a video, hold a mouse, or have other disabilities impacting how technology is used.

The promise of online dispute resolution (ODR) depends on accessibility.  Without it, ODR cannot meet the needs of its stakeholders.  Why?  Because accessibility and ODR have one very important thing in common:  they are both about serving the needs of people.

Accessibility allows ODR systems to reach the greatest number of people possible.

Websites, mobile applications, software platforms and other technologies are accessible when developed and designed to internationally recognized accessibility standards. But design and development are not enough. A host of best practices related to business processes, training and more exist to bake accessibility into systems.

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Mediation Team Wins Trophies and Makes Friends in Greece

Principia’s mediation team placed sixth in Team Advocacy and fourth in Team Mediation at the Athens International Invitational Mediation Tournament in May. In addition, team members (pictured above, from left) Namrata Roy (US’ 15, C’19), Connor Fiddler (C’18), and Elaina Cokinos (C’17) took home the eighth-, sixth-, and second-place trophies, respectively, for Individual Mediation. Teams from Greece, Turkey, Syria, Romania, Albania, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and United States competed at the inaugural event hosted by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR). see more…

Greek Philosophy And Mediation Practice by David Hurley


David Hurley LLM is a mediator with the Department of Labour based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been full time in dispute resolution since 1991 formerly as a Member of the Employment Tribunal (mediations and adjudications) but has been focussed on mediations since 2000. Whilst mainly involved in employment matters he has also mediated family and commercial cases and for the Waitangi Tribunal. The last involved an intra-cultural case that he co-presented to the then SPIDR AGM in Los Angeles in 1996 with his co-mediator the late Sir Hoani Turei, a Tribunal Member. He has contributed articles and papers to LEADRNZ, AMINZ and NZ Law Society conferences and periodicals and contributed a chapter “Restorative Justice in the Civil Jurisdiction” to “Restorative Justice and Practices in NZ: Towards a Restorative Society” (2007 Maxwell and Liu ed., Institute of Policy Studies VUW). He is a tribal associate of Ngati Rangiteaorere, has been a Vice-President of the NZ Law Society and has chaired a number of charitable organisations. His contact is david.hurley@dol.govt.nz.

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INADR Athens, Greece Mediation Tournament 2016

INADR Athens, Greece Mediation Tournament
Presented By: International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR)

Event INADR Athens, Greece Mediation TournamentAn international competition designed to help law school students understand the value of resolving disputes through mediation so that they can apply it in their personal and professional lives.

Reasons to join:

  • Each tournament provides 2 days of mediator training
  • Teams have the opportunity to network with other students from around the U.S. and the world
  • A unique opportunity to introduce yourself to the world of mediation, which is critical to a successful professional practice after graduation
Date/Time May 14 – 17, 2016

  • May 14th:  9:00 am  5:30 pm EEST
    May 15th:  9:00 am  5:30 pm EEST
    May 16th:  9:30 am  8:30 pm EEST
    May 17th:  9:00 am  7:30 pm EEST
Location Training:

  • ALBA Graduate Business School
    Xenias 6, Athina 115 28
    Athens, Greece


  • American College of Greece (ACG)
    Gravias 6, Athina 153 42
    Athens, Greece
JAMS Speaker Hon. Allen S. Goldberg (Ret.)
Register View the complete agenda and register for the event: 

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